Goodbye LinkedIn?

LinkedIn  has been known as the professional networking tool for people to post their resumes, find out about job openings and connect with companies and other professionals.  However, a new feature of Facebook  poses a major threat to LinkedIn.

According to the Mashable article, Facebook’s New Job Board Puts LinkedIn on Notice, “Facebook launched a new Social Jobs application on Wednesday in partnership with the Department of Labor and several leading career websites, including, BranchOut and Jobvite. “

So what does this mean for LinkedIn?  The article discusses that this app could threaten LinkedIn as a recruiting machine.  This is how LinkedIn generates most of its revenue so this new app could certainly affect LinkedIn’s future.  After Facebook announced the news, LinkedIn stock dropped.  One study has found that half of employers already use Facebook in the hiring process, showing Facebook’s potential to almost wipe out LinkedIn.

Personally I am not really sure how I feel about this new feature of Facebook.  I have both a LinkedIn and Facebook and like that these are two separate entities.  Though I do not have inappropriate content on my Facebook, I feel that potential future employers do not need to see my status updates or latest Facebook album.  I like that my LinkedIn is specifically for professional networking, uncluttered by social and personal information.

As well, there are plenty of professionals and older people who use LinkedIn but do not have an active Facebook. If LinkedIn does shut down, will people create a Facebook for recruiting and job hunting purposes?  Will the demise of LinkedIn create a new group of Facebook users?

It will be interesting to see what happens to these two new media powerhouses.  I hope LinkedIn is here to stay but with Facebook targeting professional recruiting, its future is unclear.



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