We have talked a lot about Twitter and Facebook and Instagram so far, but another social media site has been dominating the public discourse: Pinterest.

Pinterest is another photo-sharing social media resembling a virtual pin-board. Users organize their personal boards with themed collections. For example one board might have different collections such as: recipes, holidays, travel, decorating, baking, etc… Similar to Instagram, users can follow each other and re-pins will appear in the news feed. A re-pin is similar to a retweet, or even a “like” on Facebook, users see something that they are interested in or fits in with one of their collections and then they can re-pin it to their own board. This effectively shares the images with that user’s followers and so forth.

Pinterest is image based, so an effective pin will include a link along with the image. However, not every picture on Pinterest is linked, anyone can post on Pinterest, there is no filter.

Pinterest’s official mission is, “to connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting”.  According to Brandignity, Pinterest has about 40 million unique visitors per day. They also calculate that Pinterest is projected to account for 40% of all social media driven purchases pushing Facebook down to 60%.

While women are currently the dominate ‘pinners’, that could just be due to the lack of male collection themes. Internet users are now turning to Pinterest over Google for certain category searches, specifically recipes and holiday ideas.

It will be interesting to see Pinterest’s future. With the holiday season approaching it will also be interesting to see the volume the site will see. With Halloween in our rearview mirror, tons of people turned to the new social media site for ideas and suggestions. We can only assume that there will be a similar turn out for the other big commercial holidays.

So check it out! Pinterest is definitely headed in the direction of remaining a strong social media presence.




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